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portola valley consulting group's extended partners (commercial business)

Helios Consulting ( Helios Consulting is a Midwestern-based consulting firm that combines that perspective and analytical rigor of strategic consulting with the actionability and creativity of frontline marketing. Helios focuses on three key areas: Brand Strategy, Marketing ROI and Developing Breakthrough Strategies, using proprietary marketing planning and Brand System Redesign & Optimization tools to identify, plan and help execute top-line / revenue growth growth strategies to their clients.

Andrew Seybold Group ( The Andrew Seybold Group has worked with the mobile computing and wireless technology communities for over 30 years. They focus on providing strategic consulting services relating to the convergence of wireless, mobility and the internet. Their expertise spans a wide range of subjects from equipment and technologies to product planning to internet services. In addition, ASG conducts the Wireless Data University, held in conjunction with the CTIA's annual Wireless and Wireless I / T shows.

G.L. Ruff & Co. ( G.L. Ruff & Company, founded in 1995, is a market change focused strategy consulting firm that specializes in helping clients understand market environments, dynamics and opportunities for creating new value and new bases of competition. In particular, the firm helps clients select market opportunities that provide the greatest potential for market leadership and company valuation, change the rules of market competition to create decisive competitive advantage, and develop dynamic strategies and processes that sustain competitive advantage and company value.

i2 Partners ( i2 Partners, LLC is a Washington-based firm that focuses on strategy consulting and venture development in the telecommunications space, with strong emphasis on internet infrastructure. The firm assists their clients get to actionable answers by combining deep industry knowledge, senior-only teams and deep analytical rigor in short, "sharp" client engagements. In addition to providing counsel to service providers and equipment manufacturers, i2 Partners works with investors in the telecom industries to help assess valuation, determine industry and competitive trends, and identify Merger and Acquisition opportunities. ( CustomerSat, Inc. is the leading provider of enterprise solutions for measuring and managing the experiences of customers, employees and other stakeholders. With advanced technologies and proven market research techniques, CustomerSat solutions have helped companies such as Ariba, BellSouth, Digital Insight, VeriSign and Webex to evaluate and monitor customer satisfaction and loyalty at every interaction point. By delivering customer feedback in real-time, these companies can take timely action to resolve issues and assure high customer retention and profitability.

SLC Consultants, Inc. Based in Chicago, IL, SLC Consultants has worked with clients across a broad range of industries to help identify and exploit opportunities to gain Strategic Leverage. SLC has formulated a new approach to thinking about business strategy -- developing, protecting and extending "monopolies": those areas where companies can be clearly recognized as being superior to competitors.